Baseball Pinball Machine Rental | Vintage Pinball Machine

Baseball Pinball Machine Rental | Vintage Pinball Machine
Baseball Pinball Machine Rental | Vintage Pinball Machine
Baseball Pinball Machine Rental | Vintage Pinball Machine
Baseball Pinball Machine Rental | Vintage Pinball Machine
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Weight: 350 lbs
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Features of Baseball Pinball Machine Rental | Vintage Pinball Machine
  • All Star Baseball is a pinball machine rental that provides event guests with a feeling of nostalgia  with its vintage looking exterior cabinet and a baseball pinball play field that has a sandlot appearance of baseball stadiums from years gone by.
  • This baseball pinball machine is modeled after the 1957 Deluxe Williams Baseball Pinball machine.  The Williams pinball is considered a "classic" in the pinball world and offered 1 type of pitch. 
  • All Star Baseball is a pitch & bat pinball machine rental which allows 2 players to play where 1 player is the pitcher and 1 player is the batter.  This  component makes this pinball machine rental unique as it is one of the only current pinball machines that allows two players to have a  competitive interactive experience. 
  • Besides the two player option, there is also a one player option where the one player is both pitching and batting.  However, the better game for one player on this pinball machine rental is Home Run Derby.  
  • Just like at the Home Run Derby during the All Star Break, one player is allowed a certain amount of pitches but in the case of All Star Baseball it is pinballs.  The player receive receives a predetermined amount of pinballs to see how many home runs can be hit.  We currently have the All Star Baseball Pinball set for 15 pinballs.  However, this feature can be adjusted with more pinballs or less pinballs depending on the time of the event.  
  • The Home Run Derby game provides the opportunity to create a competition at a trade show booth or corporate event.  A leader board can easily be created and placed in the trade show booth or in the room of the corporate event.  Thus, during the trade show or corporate event, attendees walking by can see who is leading.  Home Run Derby can be easily integrated into a  promotional giveaway while further promoting the company's brand. 
  • The game play on this pinball machine rental is easy to follow and play.  Furthermore, it is enjoyed by both females & males.
  • The player who pitches can choose from Fastball, Curveball or Changeup.  We have played All Star Baseball pinball numerous times, too many times actually, and there is a noticeable difference in these pinball pitches.
  • WOW Entertainment can change the speed of each of the pinball pitches as well as adjusting the amount of curve on the curve pinball pitch.  These adjustments can be requested prior to the event.
  • This baseball pinball machine rental is set on free play but also can be programmed to accept tokens for the event.  
  • Other features include programming the amount of innings for each game play and  themed baseball stadium audio.
  • The All Star Baseball Pinball Machine rental can be branded & customized for your trade show, brand activation & corporate event.  Contact a WOW representative at 800-WOW-1196 with any branding & customization questions.   

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