Trade Show Booth Games to Attract Customers

Trade Show Booth Games that attract customers provide an engaging & exciting way for trade show booth attendees to interact with your brand.  A  branded claw machine with your own branded products as a promotional give away instantly attracts attendees to your trade show booth.  A branded money booth is another interactive trade show game that provides instant excitement to a trade show booth.  One example of utilizing a money booth is to place your company branded dollars inside the money booth and having the trade show attendees grab as much company dollars as possible.  At the conclusion of their time in the money booth, the company dollars are added up and that amount is applied to an order inside the trade show booth.  Several clients have utilized this strategy to attract attendees to their trade show booth.  

The most successful interactive trade show games are ones that are engaging & easy to play, challenge, are competitive and provide an opportunity to receive something of potential value from the brand.  A very important consideration is also the size of the  trade show booth.  A branded claw machine will take up 7.5 square feet and will work well in a standard or greater 10 x 10 booth.  The money booth takes up 11 square feet and also works well in a booth that is 10 x 10 or greater.  The Golf Putting Challenge is a quick interactive trade show game that is easy to play and takes up 21.25 square feet.   Attendees get 1 putt and if they make the putt, they would then become eligible for instance for a grand drawing at the conclusion of the trade show. 

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