Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental

Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental
Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental
Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental
Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental
Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental
Air Hockey Table Arcade Rental
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Features of Air Hockey Table Rental

Specifically designed for the event marketplace, our air hockey table rental is still considered a regulation sized table measuring 99 inches in length by 54.5 inches in width and 65.5 inches in height when the overhead scorer is attached. The air hockey table playing surface area is 93 inches in length by 44 inches in width and 31.5 inches in height. All of these dimensions make our air hockey table which we have dubbed Black Ice, a table worthy of air hockey professional tournaments.

Besides the overall dimensions and table playing surface dimensions, there are many other manufacturing characteristics that are vital to the enjoyment of a commercial arcade air hockey table. The table has a custom designed industrial blower made specifically for this version of air hockey table with a CFM above 350. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and regulation air hockey tables have CFM's 350 to 400. A CFM in this range provides the necessary air flow to contribute to speedy game play. The actual playing surface is has a premium formica finish along with over sized aluminum rails. Aluminum rails not only prevent the puck from going off the table, they are a superior material for providing the rebounds off the rails for the air hockey puck. Unlike other air hockey table rentals for events, the play surface is a black onyx with no distinguishing logos or marks.

The cabinet is constructed from 3/4 plywood and the exterior of the entire cabinet is a smooth black surface. This surface allows for any branding & customization of the air hockey table to applied and removed smoothly. The overhead electronic scorer unit has large digital number and a light to illuminate the play field. The Black Ice air hockey table rental also includes a tastefully integrated LED lighting system with the play field side rails lite as well as lighting along the bottom of the game table. The game is set on free play as there is no coin mechanism or dollar bill acceptor installed on this air hockey table.

Accessories for the Air Hockey Table and Game Play

WOW Entertainment uses air hockey strikers that are 6 ounces or less and have a diameter that is less than 4 1/16 inches. These dimensions are the  standard guidelines by the United States Air Hockey Association.  Strikers also known as mallets or paddles come in a variety of colors but to maintain the authenticity of the air hockey table experience and to abide by the regulations of the United States Air Hockey Association,  the outside rim of our strikers are not black which is the play surface of the table. The air hockey pucks are the official air hockey puck size which is 3.25 inches diameter and .25 inches in height. Like the air hockey goalies, the pucks come in a variety of colors and WOW Entertainment uses the 3 air hockey pucks currently sanctioned by the United States Air Hockey Association; lexan yellow, lexan red and Dynamo green. There are famous sounds associated with arcade games and one of the famous sounds of an air hockey table is that click clack of the air hockey puck against the rails of the table.  That famous sound is the combination of an air hockey puck constructed of lexan polycarbonate resin striking an aluminum rail.  With our air hockey table rental that famous sound has been expertly recreated.  For events such as conferences where an air hockey table is rented but the event organizers went to minimize that famous click clack sound, WOW Entertainment offers a white air hockey puck from Dynamo that is 3.25 inches in diameter and 1.21 ounces in weight.  This white air hockey puck has a rubberized coating that  minimizes that famous click clack sound. 

Black Ice Air Hockey table is a 2 player game with the player who gets to 7 goals first is declared the winner. Goals scored for each player are recorded on the overhead electronic scoreboard. This game can be programmed from 6 goals up to 9 goals. Those events that are considering a tournament or have a larger than normal guest count, our arcade game technicians can program the game to be set at 6 goals so each game can proceed at a quicker pace. For later rounds of a tournament, our event staff can then reprogram the air hockey table for 9 goals to make the later rounds more exciting.

Can an Air Hockey Arcade Table Rental be branded?

WOW Entertainment has designed our Air Hockey Arcade Table with branding in mind.  The sides of our arcade air hockey table are a smooth black surface without any decals which was purposely designed with branding & customizations in mind for trade shows, conferences & brand activations. This allows for branding to be placed on the ends of the air hockey table where the players stand as well the long ends of the air hockey table. The entire length of the sides of the air hockey table are approximately 83 inches long.  As a result of this length, this provides a significant amount of surface area for branding & customizations. One of the long sides of the air hockey table has a few compartments that can be individually branded.  These compartments or areas are where the start button resides and the main access door to the diagnostic area of the air hockey table. Depending the branding objectives, this long side of the air hockey table can be branded as one complete piece or with 3 different sections.

The player ends  measure 43 inches wide. These areas can be branded as one entire section or  the option exists to have a different type of branding where the goal retrieval compartment is located.  In addition to the 4 exterior sides of the air hockey table, the air hockey pucks can be branded on both sides.  This branding would be done with a sticker placed on the puck and reside inside the rim of the air hockey puck.

The air hockey play surface is also a branding option.  This however has a lead time of 6 weeks from when a proof is approved.  As is the case with all of our acarde game branding rentals, we recommend you call our arcade game branding specialists at 800-969-1196 extension 203 or send an email to [email protected].

Who are the inventors of the Air Hockey Table?

There are several individuals associated with the creation, development & longevity of the air hockey table. There is no doubt that the names of Crossman, Kenrick & Baldwin are cited as the original designers of the game. These men were engineers at Brunswick Corporation located in Muskegon, Michigan in the 1960s. According to Brad Baldwin from an article that appeared in February of 2012 from Michigan Live, Crossman and Kenrick were working on a bowling game when he walked into their offices. Baldwin picked up a piece of scrap wood, placed it on the bowling game and challenged Kenrick to a cup of coffee. That was the birth of the air hockey table at Brunswick Corporation but it would not be released to the general public for another 3 years from that day.

Among the changes that the engineers did was add a backstop so the pucks would not slide off of the air hockey table and when a goal was scored a doorbell would ring. Despite these changes, management of Brunswick Corporation instructed the engineers to stop working on the game and put the table in storage. Ironically, while the air hockey table was in storage engineers Baldiwn & Kenrick left Brunswick. In 1972, Bob Lemieux, removed it from storage and took it to an exhibition in Chicago and the game was met with overwhelmingly success. United States Patent number 3887187A lists Crossman, Kenrick and Lemieux as the inventors.

The air hockey table phenomen grew substantially the first few years and there was an air hockey championship in 1974 played in New York City with prize money of $5,000. The announcer of that championship, a young Marv Albert.
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