Whack A Mole | WAK IT BAK

Whack A Mole | WAK IT BAK
Whack A Mole | WAK IT BAK
Whack A Mole | WAK IT BAK
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Product Details

Features of Whack A Mole | WAK IT BAK

  • WAK IT BAK is similar to Whac a Mole Arcade Game Rentals but instead of hitting moles the participants hit lights.
  • This Whack A Mole type game is actually is two games in one.  WAK IT BAK is where two players participate & compete against each other.  Individual lights illuminate on each participant's side; when a light illuminates the participant is to wak it and by doing so that light moves to the other participant's side.  The participant who clears their side of all lights the quickest is declared the winner. 
  • The other game in WAK IT BAK arcade game rental is Lighting Lights.  In Lighting Lights, each participant has 30 seconds to WAK as many lite buttons as possible.  The participant with the highest score after 30 seconds is the winner. 
  • WAK IT BAK   is a fast paced & interactive arcade game rental that appeals to both females & males as well as individuals from 6 years old & up.

  • WAK IT BAK can be branded on the exterior as well as the individual buttons.  Fun corporate events have put their competitors names on the individual buttons as just one example of the branding opportunities.
  • Due to its compact size WAK IT BAK is a hit as a trade show  game. It provides a quick interactive experience as a trade show booth game where it has been used to break the ice between attendees & exhibitors.

  • Exhibitors have raved about WAK IT BAK as a trade show game for these reasons; compact size, quick interactive experience and light weight which minimizes the cost of shipping & trade show game fees. 
  • Contact an event specialist at WOW Entertainment at 800-969-1196 to learn more about WAK IT BAK for your upcoming event

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