Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals

Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals
Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals
Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals
Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals
Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals
Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals
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Features of Zoltar Machine Rentals | Customized Zoltar Machine Rentals

  • A customized Zoltar machine rental offers numerous options for trade show exhibitors, brand activations, corporate hospitality suites & other brand marketing promotions.  
  • One of the first customzation options is the exterior of the Zoltar machine rental.    This includes installing graphics on primarily the left & right hand sides of the glass panels of the Zoltar machine rental.  The other options for exterior customization are the bottom front, left & right hand side panels. 
  • Another consideration for customization & branding of the Zoltar machine rental are the fortune teller cards. The fortune teller cards measure 2 inches wide by 4 inches long.  Trade show exhibitors, corporate event planners & agencies responsible for brand activations  can provide us with their logo or slogan on the fortune teller cards and instead of the generic fortunes, we can provide up to 50 new customized fortunes with the company logo and brand specific fortunes  that the Zoltar machine rental will dispense. 
  • Zoltar himself who resides inside the Zoltar machine rental can also be customized.  Zoltar's attire can be changed and we have witnessed him at some of our trade show booth clients appear with the trade show company's shirt instead of his customary vest.  His tubin can also be customized if requested.  It is hard to believe but Zoltar is quite muscular so please contact one of event specialists at 800 WOW 1196 to learn the most suitable shirt size if considering customizing the attire for your Zoltar machine rental.
  • Zoltar's head can also be changed to a slightly different looking Zoltar.  Additionally, if this is for a specific brand activation a complete customized Zoltar head can be created.
  • One of the many unique customized features of the Zoltar machine rental is our Live Interactive Zoltar machine rental.  In this option, one of our staff becomes Zoltar and interacts and engages with  your trade show booth attendees or guests of your event.  Our staff member is quite far from the actual Zoltar machine rental and instead of Zoltar's voice speaking it is our staff speaking.  This is a unique live experience for each engagement.  When our staff member speaks, Zoltar's mouth moves as if Zoltar is speaking.  Our Live Interactive Zoltar machine rental brings a crowd to trade show booths & brand activations.
  • Where Zoltar resides there is plenty of shelf space to add a variety of customization items.  Among some of the items that can be added in this area are promotional items that a company intends to market, written messages about the company and how Zoltar can tell you how by hiring your company will make all of professional issues go away.  One of the more unique ideas for this shelf space area is to have a small treasure chest or fortune type trinket.  Beside this treasure chest or fortune type trinket is a cryptic message stating to get your fortune from the Zoltar machine rental and see if the fortune that Zoltar dispenses makes you eligible for a special fortune that resides inside the treasure chest at the conclusion of the trade show.  This unique idea incorporated as part of a customized Zoltar machine rental is a great trade show traffic builder.
  • To learn more about the customized  Zoltar machine rental and the many other ways to brand & customize this item please contact one of our event specialists at 800-WOW-1196.

The Zoltar machine is amazing!! Even better than expected!! And Wilson did a great job!
Philosophy Beauty Products

WOW Team,
Hope this finds you well and you had a great holiday weekend! I wanted to quickly reach out to followup after an extremely successful event. First off, thank you all so much for the fantastic Zoltar piece which really complimented the carnival theme and completed the "funhouse" lounge which it was situated within. People really enjoyed the piece and it helped keep people flowing through the lounge space throughout the night plus give them a reason to engage with the event following its completion through the coupons. 
NCIA Conference

Please click on the link to see examples of customized fortune teller cards from past customized zoltarmachine rentals

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