Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental | Classic Arcade Game Table

Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental | Classic Arcade Game Table
Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental | Classic Arcade Game Table
Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental | Classic Arcade Game Table
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The history of Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental | Classic 80's Arcade Game Table Rental

With our other arcade game rentals we have listed the features of them first but with Atari Pong it is necessary to provide the history as the original Pong Arcade Game is what many pundits state started the arcade game industry even though it was not the first arcade game in the marketplace.  While Atari Pong is considered a classic arcade game rental from the 1980's, 1972 was the year that Pong was invented.  Nolan Bushnell, a co founder of Atari, who was also a founder of Chuck E. Cheese and Itara,  a photo booth company and the company name is Atari spelled backwards, tasked his newly hired employee Allan Alcorn to create a simple game with two paddles, one moving dot and a digits for score keeping.  That is why you may often hear some say Atari Table Tennis Pong or TV Pong.  Some of the original design features of the original Atari Pong that we do not realize were the original design include having 8  segments of each paddle which influences the angle of return of the dot, the dot accelerating as game play progressed and the fact that the in game paddles were unable to reach the top of the screen.  

The first Atari Pong arcade game and it was a prototype, went into a tavern named Andy Capp's Tavern in Sunnyvale, California in August of 1972.  It was a resounding success with estimated weekly earnings of up to $280.00 per week which is equivalent to over $1,700.00 in 2019.  Despite these impressive figures, Bushnell could not initially obtain funding as many in the financial community associated an arcade game of this type with the Mafia.  Despite these beliefs, Atari did receive funding from Wells Fargo Bank and by the end of 1974 had sold over 8,000 units of Atari Pong which is an astounding figure for any arcade game.  Today, that original Atari Pong arcade game resides in the Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, California and Andy Capp's Tavern is a comedy club.  

Features of Atari Pong Arcade Game Rental | Classic Arcade Game Table Rental       

  • Like the original Atari Pong Table Arcade Game, the remake offers 1 guest to play against the computer and 2 guests to play against each other.
  • A jog knob is used to move the paddles in the Atari Pong Table arcade game rental,  and like the original Atari Pong depending on how the dot hits the paddle it will bounce off at a certain angle.  
  • This classic arcade game rental is set on free play and there are 3 levels of difficulty.  
  • There are 5 levels of game speed on the Atari Pong Table arcade game rental which is typically preset prior to the event.  However, for competitions or tournaments this can be modified by one of WOW Entertainment's on site game advisors.
  • The amount of points needed to win  is typically set at 7 and you can win by one point, can be modified to a lower amount or higher amount depending on the amount of guests at the event and if for instance a final match is part of the Atari Pong Table arcade game rental.  
  • We do include two very comfortable branded Atari stools as part of the arcade game rental.
  • A new feature of this arcade game rental is that participants can plug in their mobile phones to charge them or other devices while playing the Atari Pong Table and we have seen that at events.  

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