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Baccarat Card Game Table Rentals | Casino Night Rentals
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Features of Baccarat Card Game Table Rental
  • The image above is an overhead shot of our Baccarat Card Game Table Rental.  Measuring at 136 inches in length and 61 inches wide this way we felt was the best image to represent this authentic Baccarat Card Game Table that comes directly from Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. 
  • The Baccarat Card Game Table has marble legs and does measure 30 inches in height.  Thus,  standard height chairs where the seat starts at 15.5 inches 16.5 inches from the ground are suitable. 
  • Although the numbers appearing on the Baccarat Card Game Table  rental go up to 15, the number 13 is skipped.  The number 13 is considered an unlucky number in some cultures and thus that is why it is not displayed on this authentic table.
  • A custom or branded felt can be created for the Baccarat Card Game Table rental.  Please contact one of our event specialists at 800 WOW-1196 for further details. 

At a Monte Carlo themed casino night at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers , our Baccarat table was one of 27 casino tables for a corporate casino event.  With the theme of Monte Carlo, the decorating company that hired us worked with us in choosing specific tables to fit their theme.  The Baccarat table with its majestic decorative marble legs, comfortable arm rest and plush felt received rave reviews from the guests of this corporate casino event.
Baccarat itself is an  often misunderstood game.  However it is one of the more simpler games in the casino where the house advantage is quite low. Baccarat many believe began in the late 15th century in Italy and the game derives its name from the Italian word Baccara which means zero which all of the face cards and tens are in this game. The game has a few different versions and the American version was adopted from the Capri Casino which was operated by some very colorful individuals located in Havana, Cuba in the 1950's. Our Baccarat table is a very special one indeed coming from a Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and measuring nearly twelve feet. This table accomodates up to 14 players with the number 13 not listed due to the belief of bad luck. A great item to add to any casino event for those looking to learn the game. Also available is our mini baccarat tables which accomodate up to 7 players at once.
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