Original Pop A Shot | Arcade Basketball Game Rental

Original Pop A Shot | Arcade Basketball Game Rental
Original Pop A Shot | Arcade Basketball Game Rental
Original Pop A Shot | Arcade Basketball Game Rental
Original Pop A Shot | Arcade Basketball Game Rental
Original Pop A Shot | Arcade Basketball Game Rental
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Features of the Original Pop A Shot Rental

This version has the strongest frame of the Pop A Shot family and is a single hoop game. There is durable netting on the sides of this arcade basketball game rental as well as a sturdy but pliable ball return which greatly assists in keeping the basketballs contained in the game. Players can use either regulation sized basketballs measuring 29.5 inches in circumference or mini basketballs when playing. This game offers a large hoop measuring 15 inches which allows for more scoring when playing. The electronic timer displayed on the backboard does not start until you make your first basket which will count as 2 points. Once that happens, the timer starts with a countdown of 30 seconds. All shots made till 15 seconds count as 2 points and starting with 15 seconds, all shots made count as 3 points. A player who scores more than 50 points in the first 30 seconds will receive an overtime bonus of 10 seconds. In this 1st overtime, all shots made count as 3 points. A player who is an accurate shooter and scores more than 80 points after the 1st overtime bonus will receive another 10 seconds. In this 2nd overtime bonus of 10 seconds, all shots made also count as 3 points. The electronic scoreboard does display 3 digits, so for those players that are exceptional shooters, if you reach 100 points or more, it will be shown for all at the event to see.

Basketball Shooting Strategies to obtain the highest score on The Original Pop A Shot

There are different shooting strategies regarding how to obtain the highest score on this arcade basketball game rental. Some say continue to shoot always off of the backboard. Some say just keep shooting at the back of the rim softly and let the basketball fall in. Some want only a certain amount of basketballs. The current high score for WOW Entertainment is 143 points. We are certain that there are higher scores out there in the Original Pop A Shot universe but for the sake of WOW Entertainment that is the high score currently.

Do you know the year that Pop-A-Shot, the Original Pop A Shot was invented?

It was 1981 and the Original Pop A Shot was created by Ken Cochran, an accomplished basketball coach at Marymount College located in Salina, Kansas who at the time was recuperating from heart surgery. Coach Cochran’s first Pop A Shot was not actually a Pop A shot at all but a Triple Shot with three baskets and one basketball return ramp. Ironically, the Triple Shot was too difficult to move and thus the actual first Pop A Shot was released in 1982.

Marymount College stopped operating in 1989 and Mr. Cochran sadly passed away in November 2017 at the age of 84. His legacy continues to live on in many ways and in the world of Pop-A-Shot without Coach Cochran countless of us would not have the satisfaction of testing our basketball shooting skills without this game.

Is it possible to customize the branding of The Original Pop A Shot?

WOW Entertainment can brand The Original Pop A Shot for a brand activation or long term arcade basketball game rental. The Original Pop A Shot offers the following areas for branding.  The backboard, the front panel and each side panel.  Other branding or customization are the regulation sized basketballs and the mini basketballs. 

The backboard and side panels have certain timing requirements in order to brand prior to the brand activation date.  In considering the branding of the regulation sized or mini basketballs, keep in mind while the backboard and side & front panels do not have a minimum, the basketballs have a large minimum requirement.  The Original Pop A Shot requires anywhere from 4 to 7 basketballs to play so unless you are considering giving out several basketballs as part of a long term brand activation, our brand event specialists do not recommend branding the basketballs.  For more information about branding the Original Pop A Shot, contact one of our arcade brand specialists 800-969-1196 extension 203 or send an email to [email protected] 
Weight: 145 lbs
Length: 94 inches
Width: 29 inches
Height: 93 inches
Power requirement: 5 amps
Basketball size: Size 3 for the miniature basketballs and size 6 for the regulations basketballs
Production details: The Original Pop A Shot is moved on two dollies. While in transit to an event it is lowered from its playing height of 93 inches to 86 inches. It can be further modified if a venue does not have the adequate access ways as far as width and height. If a modification is required additional fees may occur.
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