Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Rental
In renting a photo booth for an event there are numerous details to consider prior to making a decision in order to insure that the correct decision has been made. The information below is a guide in assisting in making the proper photo booth rental choice. 

Photo Booth Style

There are two primary photo booth rental styles; traditional and modern.  The traditional photo booth is an enclosed structure and either is made of wood or metal.  This style has a seat or bench inside, a curtain that is opened and closed and all of the components are housed inside and thus not visible to the guests.  Additionally, the photo strips come out of a slot that is part of the structure of the booth.  This style is transported by a commercial box truck with a lift gate and arrives complete.

The modern style is transported and is assembled on site. The exterior of the structure of this structure is comprised of pipes & drapes or large curtains and is thus sometimes referred as the Pipe & Drape Style.  Once assembled it normally takes up around twenty four to thirty square feet.  Guests enter into the created structure and have their photos taken inside.  The inside of the created structure can accommodate up to eight guests.  The components for the modern style are visible to the guests. 

Photo Booth Features

The photo booth rentals that WOW Entertainment provides are the traditional style.  The items listed in the photo booth rental category offer numerous features.  Some possess all of the features listed below.  Please check the individual item to see its individual features. 

  • Photo strips available in black and white as well as color.  Some of the booths available can be programmed of letting each individual guest or guests choose which type of style of print they want; color or black & white.  This same feature can be programmed to allow just one type.
  • Certain photo booths dispense one strip while others dispense two strips. 
  • The photo strips are customizable.  Certain styles of photo booths can customize the strip to say the bride & groom's name & the date, the corporate client's name & logo or a new design can be created.  The placement of this customization depends on the specific photo booth that is chosen.  
  • A CD service where the hosts receive a CD of all of the pictures taken during the event.  The delivery of this CD chosen depends on the on the specific photo booth selected.
  • Customization of the exterior prior to the event.  There are several available options such as wrapping the exterior with posters prior to the event, placing actual pictures around the exterior as a collage and branding the exterior with specific logos.
  • Include or not to include an external monitor for guests to see what is going on inside.
  • Other features that can be added include red velvet ropes with red carpet & brass stanchions.  The curtain can be changed to another color as well.  For example a sweet 16 photo booth rental  client with a pink theme can have a pink curtain placed on the photo booth with a pink carpet with black velvet ropes for the waiting area.
  • Scrap book assistance provided on site by the attendant.

Photo Booth Placement

Once the type of photo booth has been selected along with the specific features, it is important to not overlook where the photo booth will be placed within the specific event location. WOW Entertainment has intimate knowledge of several locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington, DC and thus can properly advise to the best placement of the photo booth.
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