Powerhouse | Vintage Carnival Strength Tester Arcade Game

Powerhouse | Vintage Carnival Strength Tester Arcade Game
Powerhouse | Vintage Carnival Strength Tester Arcade Game
Powerhouse | Vintage Carnival Strength Tester Arcade Game
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Features of Powerhouse | Vintage Carnival Strength Tester Arcade Game Rental

  • Powerhouse is a vintage strength tester arcade game where participants attempt to squeeze the 2 metal bars as hard as possible to obtain a number of their strength as well as a description of their strength.
  • There is a His & Her Button on this carnival game so both genders can independently test their strength.
  • For the woman who plays, there are 7 descriptions that will describe their strength.  From weakest to strongest the descriptions are Hopeless, Weak, Feeble, Miss Fitness, Minder, Athlete & Power Girl.
  • For the man who plays, there are 7 descriptions as well.  From weakest to strongest the descriptions are Pathetic, Weakling, Mr. Puny, Manly, Jungle Man, Muscle Man & Power. 
  • In the center of this vintage carnival strength tester game is the Power Meter.  The Power Meter provides your strength at 13 points starting with the lowest point of 45% all the way to the highest point at the top which shows you at 100%.
  • There is a voice that informs you how you performed after each attempt. 
  • Besides being a very relevant item for boardwalk & carnival themed events, this strength tester game is an excellent choice as a trade show game.   
  • Its size of 26 inches wide x 25 inches deep works extremely well for trade show exhibitors seeking an interactive trade show game that have an exhibit space starting with a 10 x 10.
  • The game play as an interactive trade show game  is quick and the throughput surpasses 75 per hour.  This usage capacity metric allows  trade show exhibitors that are at trade shows with a large amount of attendees to bring attendees to their booth and quickly have them interact with the trade show game.  Depending on how the exhibitor sets up this trade show game, the attendee would  then move into the booth to receive a potential giveaway. 
  • Compared to other trade show games, the cost of Powerhouse is not prohibitive.  Due to its size & weight the shipping costs and other costs associated with a trade show are at the lower end.
  • Powerhouse is a plug & play trade show game.  The electrical draw is minimal and the setup time once inside the trade show booth is less than 15 minutes. 
  • This trade show game is customizable and offers numerous branding options.  The front marquee with the power meter and the descriptions can be branded in a variety of ways.  The sides of the cabinet are other areas that can be branded as well as the bottom front.  Please contact one of our branding specialists at 800-969-1196 to learn more about the branding options available. 
  • For those brands looking to customize this strength tester, the front marquee can be branded in such a way where when an attendee reaches a certain level they are then instructed to see a representative for a certain discount on a future order.  There are several other possibilities where this trade show game can act as an interactive solution to promote a brand successfully.  
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