Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental

Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
Skee ball | Skee ball machine rental
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Features of Skee ball machine | Skee ball arcade game rental

Skee ball, the classic arcade game which was introduced in 1909, allows players to roll anywhere from 3 to 9 Skee balls up a 10 foot ramp into 7 different targets.

This updated version of Skee ball maintains its vintage appearance and can be either set on free play or programmed to accept tokens depending on the type of event.

The famous & iconic sounds of Skee ball are still present. The volume can be adjusted for both when this alley game is being played and when it is not being played. The volume can be turned off when the game is not being played. This is an important feature for events that only want sound when Skee ball is in operation such as at a conference so as not to disrupt any speeches or critical announcements.

The Skee balls per game can be adjusted from 3 Skee balls to 9. The standard game is 9 Skee balls and this version of Skee ball uses the wooden balls that are approximately 3 1/8 inches in diameter and weigh 5 ounces. For those events with limited time and with a high guest count, the ability to reduce the amount of Skee balls does provide a higher throughput. Additionally at the conclusion the game, the score can be displayed anywhere from 5 seconds up to 20 seconds in 5 second increments. This feature can be turned off for those events that have a high guest count. If not, we recommend having this feature set at 5 seconds so guests can announce out loud and show their fellow patrons what score they achieved.

The game is set for points only. However, the game can be programmed to dispense tickets for an additional fee.

On each side of the interior of the ramp is LED lighting that enhances the overall appearance of the game.

Each Skee ball has a LED display that can be programmed with   scrolling messages. For those events that are renting 2 or more Skee ball machines, the LED displays can be linked to have the messages scroll across each Skee ball machine.

Did you know how Skee ball got its name?

Joseph Fourestier Simpson, the Skee ball inventor,  who was born in Philadelphia, PA on Halloween night  in 1852 created his Skee ball alleys as they were known.  The first Skee ball alleys were 32 feet in length. The standard lane or alley today are 10 feet long.  Those first Skee ball alleys were constructed in two sections with the jump in the middle where the two sections met.  The sport of skiing was just becoming popular in the United States so the middle section of the alley as per Mr. Simpson was the  skee jump for the ball. 

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Did you know that WOW Entertainment can provide custom branding for Skee Ball Machines?

The Skee ball machine is an excellent arcade game rental for branding & customizations for trade shows, brand activations, conferences and other events where branding is a major component of the event. The sides of this newer version Skee ball game machine are laminated plywood when previous versions of Skee ball did not have laminated plywood. WOW Entertainment has spent many nights professionally sanding down the sides of previous versions of Skee ball for a variety of branding projects. With this Skee ball already having laminated plywood on the sides, the application of custom graphics will provide a smooth & clean appearance.  

Besides the sides of the Skee ball, there are many other areas that can be branded. The scorer area where the 7 different targets are, can be customized.   The rails on each side of the ramp are a constant visible area for participants who are playing Skee ball and is an area that our arcade game branding specialists always do recommend. The ramp itself is not an area that our arcade game branding specialists recommend. While at first glance this provides a striking appearance, as soon as attendees start rolling the skee balls, the skee ball ramp and the branding on it will get become dirty.   

The black metal cage can be painted a different color is yet another branding area. Our arcade game branding specialists can review with you color matching options if this is an area that is being considered. The numbers for each target can be changed to a different color as well. It is to be noted that the targets themselves which are in black are not an option to be changed.

WOW Entertainment currently offers 4 different color of skee balls. The traditional brown color skee ball as well as red, black & blue skee balls. Depending on the color scheme of your event, one color of skee balls can be provided or a combination of the colors listed above can be provided.

For those environments where the back of the Skee ball  machine will be visible, this area can be branded as well. Previous versions of Skee ball  machines, the back of the machine was not a complete back but a half back with wiring exposed.  This made this area problematic for customization purposes.  Now that the back wall is complete it can be customized.  Our arcade game branding specialist can be reached at 800-969-1196 extension 203 to discuss all of customization options, the image file requirements, timelines and your overall branding objectives.

What year was Skee ball invented?

Through the comprehensive research of the authors Thaddeus Cooper and Kevin Kreitman who wrote Seeking Redemption, The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball, it was 1908. The United States Patent for Skee ball was initially filed in November of 1907 and was granted and published in December of 1908. Contrary to other reports, that a J. D. Estes, a Princeton University graduate, was the inventor, it was Joseph Fourestier Simpson who is the patent holder along with one of his business partners, William Nice, Jr. Mr Simpson & J. D. Estes would indeed cross paths later in the history of Skee ball but the patent records are clear; it was 1908 and Joseph Fourestier Simpson is the patent holder who at the time was a resident of Vineland, New Jersey.
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