Trade Show Furniture Rentals | Tennis Umpire's Chair

Trade Show Furniture Rentals | Tennis Umpire's Chair
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Features of Trade Show Furniture Rentals | Tennis Umpire's Chair

  • Yes, we know this is not your typical trade show furniture rental but it is such a unique item that we have categorized it the trade show furniture rental category.
  • We first used the Tennis Umpire's Chair for the many corporate ping pong tournament events that we are hired to do throughout the United States.  Guests love it as we put our own event staff in the Tennis Umpire's Chair to officiate the final table.  It adds a great visual effect and a tremendous amount of excitement to these ping pong table tennis events.  What we discovered during these events is that the guests of the event and the corporate executives love taking pictures next to it, in it and from it.  It is from these experiences that we began offering it as a trade show furniture rental as well as a trade show booth traffic builder.
  • The tennis umpire chair measures 24 inches high x 58 inches deep and 78 inches high.  The base of the seat is 5 feet from the ground so once seated you have an impressive view of the trade show booth
  • It is painted in Wimbledon green as the chair comes from the same manufacturer in the United Kingdom who makes all the umpire chairs for Wimbledon. 
  • Please call one of our event specialists at 800-WOW-1196 to learn more about this unique trade show furniture rental piece.  We will share with you how this unique item will bring unexpected traffic to your trade show booth.

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