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Mini Golf Party Rentals

Golf Party Rentals

You are considering Renting golf items for a golf themed party, trade show or gala  there are several variables that the planner needs to consider in making their decisions.  Below are just a few of the questions to ask oneself in determining which golf party rental  item will be suitable based on the type of party/event that is being held.

  • Golf is a slower activity than other sports related activities and especially at an event.  Many golf party equipment rentals are designed to replicate the experience of golf and if not programmed correctly for a party/event will take away from the experience and the defined objective of that party/event.
  • A golf themed party with several hundreds of guests that has a virtual reality golf simulator will be certain to be quite popular.  A virtual reality golf simulator will take up a 10 x 20 area and be visible quite quickly due to its size.  However, if the event entertainment supplier is going to allow the guests to play multiple holes with lets say a foursome, that is going to greatly reduce the amount of guests that can participate in this activity.  The virtual reality golf simulator would be programmed to play 1-3 holes or guests can participate in a longest drive contest at a golf themed party which will provide a much higher turnover of guests than permitting 4 guests to monopolize the activity for several minutes
  • Virtual reality golf simulators also have other considerations in selecting how they will be operated at a golf partyVirtual reality golf simulators can be operated with no golf ball ( a virtual golf ball), a foam or plastic golf ball or a real golf ball.  Having a virtual golf ball or a foam or plastic golf ball to hit will not present any more variables when considering the placement of this activity at a golf party.  A virtual reality golf simulator where guests are hitting a real golf ball must be properly placed and the unit itself must have both a video impact wall as well as the proper netting so that the golf balls do not leave the golf bay simulator tent. 
  • In all virtual reality golf simulators proper precaution must be taken for the swinging area for each individual guest.  Guest need not only the proper allocation of height above them to swing the golf club but also the distance behind them to be free of oncoming guests or other items that will cause an issue.
  • Another very popular golf party rental item is a putt putt miniature golf.  These come in a variety of styles from the very basic where an entertainment supplier lays down green carpeting and side bars on other side to those entertainment suppliers who create individual authentic putt putt miniature golf holes with handcrafted props as obstacles.
  • A 9 hole putt putt miniature golf course  can accommodate up to 36 guests at once providing one of the few golf party rental items that can occupy this many guests.  For those golf themed parties that number in the hundreds of guests the putt putt mini golf is a suitable choice.  A 9 hole authentic course will take up between 2,500 to 3,500 square feet depending on how it is configured.  Thus the space that is needed must be factored in when selecting this item as well as its placement.  
  • There may be instances where a golf themed party may reduce the amount of holes that will be offered from 9 to say 5 on a mini golf course in order to increase the throughput.
  • The putting challenge is another popular selection for a golf party rental.  Once again, the individual who is planning this type of event should make sure that the putting challenge is authentic putting challenge and not just one of the holes from the putt putt mini golf course.  An authentic putting challenge will allow up to 4 players to compete, record each of their individual scores electronically and display these scores.  Additionally, an authentic putting challenge golf party rental each hole of the terrain of the putting green will change.  This adds additional challenges to each player as well as making the putting lifelike and realistic.
  • A golf themed party is not complete some golf players would say without the arcade game Golden Tee.  Golden Tee is one of the most popular arcade games in the marketplace and there are several versions in which to choose from.  That is the main question when selecting Golden Tee is to know which version you will be receiving and what are its specific courses and features.
  • Please contact a WOW Entertainment event specialist at 1-800-WOW-1196 to speak in more detail about your specific golf party rental details.

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